Personalized Ceremonies  by  Celebrations  of  Fort Lauderdale 

Wedding Planning by Celebrations is the service to provide your Consulting and Coordinating.


The consulting service helps couples locate the venue  they prefer for their ceremony and/or reception. Also vendors can be recommended.


The coordinating service provides staff to direct rehearsals and coordinate  the ceremony on wedding day.


  We are very experienced at directing a rehearsal and/or coordinating the ceremony on event day.

     I know couples try to watch how much they are spending on their weddings, so that is why we priced our coordinating as low as we can so that they can benefit from the coordinating. From our experience we know that for even the smallest wedding some coordinating is needed. It helps everything run smoothly and lets everyone relax and enjoy the day. The officiant service provides the person to perform the ceremony only and does NOT include coordinating.

   Our fee for coming to a rehearsal and/or event day coordinating depends on the size of the bridal party. I can give you a quote once you let me know the size of your bridal  party.    

   For event day coordinating we greet the guests and handle many details, but the most important is coordinating the bride/ bridal party's processional.