Personalized Ceremonies  by  Celebrations  of  Fort Lauderdale 

                   PRE-CRUISE WEDDINGS

We are fortunate that our  Ft.Lauderdale cruise port/airport/beaches are all within a short distance of each other.  Be sure to see the Vendor page on this website for the contact to our local travel agent who can help you book the cruise of your dreams.  

  It is really exciting for couples to be able to have a wedding and then BonVoyage !!!

     It is possible to fly in or drive here on the same day as the cruise and have the ceremony on the same day, but travel complications can arise. Most couples fly in the day prior to the cruise and then have their ceremony at sunset or on the morning before the cruise. e can help you locate hotels neaf you want a chapel ceremony the morning of the cruise, most couples check out of their hotel and bring their luggage right to the chapel and then leave for the ship right from the chapel after the ceremony.  For a chapel wedding we have packages as shown in the brochure page for a ceremony in our chapel or out in our garden gazebo area. The packages include the officiant to perform the ceremony, music, & decorations and some packages include a cake. You may add photography to the packages.   

 Beach:     If you want a beach wedding, you can stay at a hotel on the beach and then it is convenient to use that beach for the ceremony or you can stay at a hotel away from the beach and meet at a beach site for the ceremony. We can email a hotel referral list. Sometimes the cruise line has your hotel booked into your package and if you get to select from a list of hotels, then you might want to select a hotel right on the beach. Just let me know the hotel name/address so I can let you know if that hotel works well for a beach ceremony.  

   For a ceremony at an offsite location we can provide the officiant to perform the ceremony and we do work with you to personalize the ceremony.  As well as providing an officiant for your ceremony we also have other services and options, , such as photography, music, and decorations.  When you have decided what options you prefer just email a list and I will email a proposal to you.   Just look at our Services page on this website .

Port Location:  There is a cruise Port of Miami and a Port Everglades in Ft.Lauderdale. The Port of Miami is about an hour south of us so I would want to know if you have your cruise booked from there or Ft.Lauderdale. The airport in Miami is quite a distance from their cruise port, but we are fortunate that our Ft. Lauderdale airport, cruise port, downtown and beaches are all within a small distance of each other. We only service some of the Miami area, so some couples sailing out of Miami sometimes fly into Ft.Lauderdale and have their ceremony on our beaches and then take a shuttle to Miami for their cruise. 

 Timing:  When planning the ceremony time for a ceremony the morning of the cruise, just keep in mind that most cruises begin boarding about noon, but you usually have until 3:00pm or so to board. Keeping in mind the hotel check out time is more important when planning the ceremony time than watching the ship boarding time, unless you are fortunate to get late hotel checkout.     If you have the ceremony early enough in the morning to be able to go back to your hotel room and pack up after the ceremony, that seems to be easier for people.  If you have the ceremony later in the morning you might have to check out of your room prior to ceremony and it can be confusing trying to get ready for the ceremony as well as pack up, check out and leave luggage somewhere before the ceremony.